History and Purpose

Survivors of Mental Illness Outreach, Inc. was incorporated in October, 1994 by the late Sandy Wimmer, a community leader who lived with bipolar disorder. The first site was located on Azalea Road and for a number of years has been at 4351 Midmost Drive.

We at SOMI Club are a diverse group of people who live with a mental illness. SOMI Club gives us a place to socialize, relax and choose what activities or volunteer work will empower or enrich our lives.

The name SOMI stands for “Survivors of Mental Illness” and each of us truly ARE survivors.   Having our own place where we are surrounded by mutual respect, self-care and our peers, helps to empower us and support us on our journey of recovery.

We invite you to join us in our mission of restoring and improving meaning in our lives. If you are living with a mental illness, come join us. If you are not living with a mental illness, but share our values and mission, then we hope you consider offering your support.

Anyone who believes in mutual respect, support and dignity for ALL people believes in the SOMI mission.