History and Purpose

Survivors of Mental Illness Outreach, Inc. was incorporated in October, 1994 by the late Sandy Wimmer, a consumer leader living with mental illness. The first site was located on Azalea Road and for a number of years has been at 4351 Midmost Drive.

Ms. Wimmer’s original intent for this outreach organization was to provide a “drop-in” center which would provide a safe place for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness to socialize with their friends, family and with other mentally ill consumers. This setting would allow the mentally ill to relax and get away from the everyday troubles of the world.

The acronym “SOMI” stands for Survivors of Mental Illness, reminding members not to reflect on the issues of the past, but to rely on what is in the present. Thinking like this helps people stay focused on their accomplishments and most importantly with life itself.

In 2013, after being closed for a brief period, the building was reopened under the name of “SOMI Club” thus implementing a club like atmosphere whereby persons would apply for a membership in the club and upon being accepted would have to abide by the club house rules.