Club Guidelines


Members of SOMI Club share the lived experience of a mental illness.  We believe through our shared experiences we support and encourage one another to continue moving forward in recovery and empowering one another.  In order to continue this positive setting the following behaviors are unacceptable and if not adhered to will carry consequences:

  • Calling people names, yelling or cursing
  • Alcohol or illegal drugs or to be under the influence of them
  • Weapons or showing force – verbally, pushing, shoving or fighting
  • Harassment – emotional, sexual or physical – by badgering, hounding or nagging someone to buy or do something
  • Excessive borrowing
  • Stealing
  • Badmouthing other SOMI Club members behind their backs; malicious gossip
  • Failure to be quiet or leave another alone when asked to do so
  • Disrespecting another’s disability, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, race or creed
  • Habitually leaving a mess for others to clean up
  • Taking more than your fair share of food, clothes or supplies
  • Failure to follow directions of staff

Consequences are:

  • 1st offense – Warning
  • 2nd offense – One day’s suspension
  • 3rd offense – One week’s suspension
  • 4th offense – One month’s suspension

It might be possible to lose your membership privileges if you continually break the rules.