Club Guidelines


To be a member of SOMI Club I will:

  • Be in treatment for a mental illness and be compliant with my medication and treatment program
  • Obey instructions of SOMI Club staff members and redirect behavior if instructed to do so
  • Participate in SOMI Club activities and support and respect others as they participate.
  • Not yell, use profanity or violence of any kind on SOMI premises
  • Not participate in sexual activity of any kind on SOMI premises
  • Not touch others in an inappropriate manner
  • Not smoke inside the building of SOMI Club.
  • When smoking outside deposit cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided
  • Not beg or borrow money from anyone at SOMI Club
  • Not steal or take anything that does not belong to me
  • Clean up after myself
  • Inform SOMI Club staff of any changes in medication or other medical needs