Winter 2015 Newsletter             

Do you…

  • have a mental illness and live in the Mobile community?
  • often feel surrounded by stigma?
  • want to build your confidence, self-esteem and improve your recovery?
  • want to relax and socialize with others who understand the same challenges you face?

If you answered “yes” to these,  SOMI Club is for YOU!

SOMI Club offers a safe and welcoming place for you to socialize, learn and gain support from others who understand the same challenges.  We not only give you the chance to relax, visit and have fun with your peers but provide you opportunities to participate in various learning and support activities that will serve to improve your quality of life and further your recovery.

SOMI Club is a great complement to your clinical treatment plan.  Many therapists and case managers recommend joining SOMI Club to their clients.  Socializing, something to do and having a purpose is important to everyone.  SOMI Club offers a welcoming and accepting place to do this.

The morning session is open to anyone who is living with a mental illness and compliant with their treatment.  We open at 8:00 am and offer a light continental breakfast between until 9:00.  A hot lunch is delivered by Ron’s Catering Service Monday, Thursday and Friday at 11:00 am.  Tuesday and Wednesdays are either Hungry Howie’s Pizza and salad or Popeye’s chicken, biscuit and salad.  Throughout the morning a variety of activities are available for members to participate in if they choose.

Individuals living independently and those living in a group home are welcome in the morning.   SOMI Club morning session ends at 12:00 noon for clean-up and preparing for the New Day, New Beginnings Program which is designed for our members who live independently.  The afternoon session is from 1-4:00 pm.

Afternoon Program Flyer

What SOMI can offer:

Peer-led mental health education classes, peer-led support groups, journaling lessons, music lessons, art lessons, sewing lessons, computer lessons, exercise classes, board games, outdoor games, help finding resources and healthy snacks (fruit, granola bars, nuts & cheeses).

All programs and services provided at no cost.  To become a member of SOMI Club you must be living with a mental illness, compliant with your treatment and agree to SOMI Club rules.  For more information, call SOMI Club at (251) 342-0261.



We at SOMI Club are a diverse group of people living with a mental illness and working daily to maintain our wellness.  We meet at SOMI to socialize, relax and participate in activities that help enrich our lives, keep us well and away from the prejudices we face elsewhere in society.

There is no judgement at SOMI Club.  It is a place to feel safe, be ourselves and support one another in our recovery and wellness.

The name SOMI stands for Survivors of Mental Illness and each of us truly ARE survivors.  We survive the difficult challenges we face each day by providing mutual respect, self-care and support to one another.

If you are living with a mental illness and have been looking for a place to connect with your peers and help maintain your own mental health, we hope you will join us.  Membership and benefits at the Club are provided at  no cost.  The only requirements  are you be living with a mental illness and compliant with your treatment plan.

If you are not living with a mental illness, but share our values and mission, then consider volunteering with us.  Anyone who supports mutual respect, support and dignity for ALL people is welcome at SOMI.


Read one member’s brave Survival Story.

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Afternoon Program Flyer