We at SOMI Club are a diverse group of people who live with a mental illness.  We come together at SOMI to socialize, relax and participate in activities that help enrich our lives and eradicate the prejudices we face elsewhere in society.

SOMI Club is a haven – a place where we can feel safe, be ourselves and help support one another in our recovery and wellness.

The name SOMI stands for Survivors of Mental Illness and each of us truly ARE survivors.  We survive the difficult challenges we face each day by reinforcing mutual respect, self-care and support.

We invite you to join us in our mission to restore meaning in our lives.  If you are living with a mental illness, come join us.  If you are not living with a mental illness, but share our values and mission, then consider volunteering with us.  Anyone who supports mutual respect, support and dignity for ALL people is welcome at SOMI.

Read one member’s brave Survival Story.

Our SOMI Newsletter-Winter 2014 is available online.

For useful articles and information on mental illness, please check out the following resources.